Hire charges, deposits and payments

On agreement of the hire a non refundable deposit will need to be made to secure the hot tub hire, this can be done by bank transfer, (please use your first name and the hire date as the reference, i.e. helen120918) then the hire must be paid for in full for the agreed outstanding amount on the day. Please remember to add your name and the date of hire as a reference. (Details will be given on request)

If the hire is cancelled, we do not return the deposit, however if the cancellation is made more than 14 days before the hire period we will deduct it from a future hire date that both parties agree on.

Any damage caused to the hot tub or any hired equipment while on hire for example, excessive cleaning, damage, broken, or non-working parts will need to be paid by the Hirer at best cost price.

Hire Period

The full hire period is agreed by both parties which is also noted on the confirmation form that needs to be signed for on installation day, the person signing the confirmation hire form if not the hirer, is acting on the instruction of the hirer. At the end of the full hire period, if goods are not made available for collection, (for example no access) we will contact you but, if for some reason we are not able to collect the goods then they may be placed back on hire for a further hire period until the goods are accessible.

Recommendations For Water Quality And Safety

The water quality will only be as good as you keep it. Everyone should bath or shower before each use and not to use any products like shower gels or shampoo. To help maintain good water quality we recommend hair to be tied up and minimal or no make up to be worn. As hair and beauty products will contaminate and discolour the water and will cause a build up on foam which can be unpleasant and have a slight odour. Jewellery not to be worn in the hot tub including earrings as this can be hazardous if they are to come loose and end up in the hot tub, for then to be sat on or stepped on while moving around or entering in and out of the spa. Only use plastic cups or glasses in and around the hot tub as the use of glass if broken would be very dangerous in and around the hot tub and when would need to be drained and emptied by ourselves before use can continue.

The blue foot wash bowl provided will greatly reduce the dirt and bacteria that gets into the spa from the soles of your feet. Always step into before entering the hot tub no matter how briefly. Always use the water from the hot tub in the wash bowl, the chemicals will then keep any bacteria from outside to a minimum, change the water regularly. Always wash swim wear after hot tub use and never return to the hot tub in the same swim wear without cleaning. This would be a big cause of bacteria contamination if left to dry and then re-used without cleaning, causing rash or skin irritation. Any water contamination or incorrect use of chemicals is the responsibility of the hirer.

Your responsibility of hiring goods

We will contact you with a time period for both the delivery and collection of the goods that need to be made available at your location. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused while the hot tub or any hired equipment is placed in your care while one of our representatives are not present. The hirer will need to supply the electricity and water for the equipment in the hire period, if you do not have a outside tap we should be able to connect to the kitchen taps. Please advise us before we come out if the only suitable supply of electricity and water is in your opinion a long distance from the hot tub location, as we can then bring suitable equipment.

We require a level base to sit the hot tub on, this can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, patio, astro turf, decking or any firm hard standing. Grassed areas are not ideal as soil, dirt, grit and grass will end up in the spa and lawns are very often not as even or level as they may appear with the extra water weight, and will start slopping in one direction, but if the hirer confirms that the lawn/grassed area is suitable this is not a problem. Although our hire tubs are 6 ft x 6 ft ( 2 meters ) they need a minimum space of 7ft x 7ft for safety.

Are gazebos measure 3.6 meters wide by 3.1 meters in depth and are hexagonal in shape. If in the unlikely event that we can not set up the hot tub or gazebo due to lack of space, unsuitable ground/flooring or incorrect information of the general area conditions, then this is the responsibility of the hirer, and no refunds will be given and the booking will not take place. Our gazebos are included in the price and if not required or unable to be set up the agreed price is the same .

Cold winter months hire

All our hot tubs are for use all year round no matter what the weather conditions and temperatures, unlike inflatable ones. In cold conditions we do ask that the tub is only turned off and then drained on the morning of collection and not the night before. Warm water in a very cold climate will freeze much quicker than cold water, for this reason if the hot tub was drained and turned off the night before collection this could cause serious damage to the pump and the hot tub liner. The hot tub will take around 2 hours to drain to allow the surrounding area to absorb the non harmful water. We can supply on request extra hose extension if you wish to empty directly into a drain.


Please be aware that the hot tub and all accessories on hire are your responsibility once left in your care. Be aware of pets that may damage any of the hired equipment, pets should be supervised and not left alone while the hire equipment is in your care.

On Delivery

After set up it’s best that both parties inspect the equipment and note of any damage to the equipment and accessories supplied before we leave the property. You become responsible for the goods when you receive the hired equipment. Please take extra care to stop sharp objects from being around or in the hot tub we do not recommend any jewellery to be worn in the hot tub especially earrings as they can puncture and damage the hot tub. We also recommend long hair to be tied up above the shoulders as the chlorine may slightly change hair colour and hair can also build up in the filter causing it not to heat correctly.

Also prevention from jumping in or on the hot tub as this could damage the hot tub beyond repair and a cost of like for like will be paid for by the hirer. We do not recommend the use of glass in the tub or place any foreign objects in the tub that is not supplied. Children must be supervised when using the hot tub at all times.

Once a member of our team has added the correct chemicals, do not use or add any other chemicals to the water other than chemicals supplied by us. Do not add bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. Failing to comply with these instructions may cause serious damage to your skin or body. The hirer may add chemicals if required to help maintain the water quality if requested but, if unsure of instructions please contact us we are available for advice 24/7 while the hot tub is on hire. The hirer is responsible for any additional chemicals added to the water if one of our representatives are not present.

You must not sell or hire the equipment provided or in any way give up control of the goods. The hirer is responsible for any and all chemicals left in their care and anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, subscribed or otherwise when in use or around any of the hired equipment. The hirer will not attempt to move the equipment from the location or attempt to unzip or dismantle any of the hired property or equipment that is placed in their care. The hirer will not tamper or adjust any aspect of the equipment mechanics or electrics. You will be responsible for any injury, loss, death or damage while our equipment is on hire and in your care.