Can I use the Hot tub the same day as it’s delivered?

Are delivery installation days are not part of the paid hire period, we set up on that day for the hot tub to be ready the next following day. We can if requested try a warm fill of the hot tub from the kitchen hot water tap to speed up the heating process for a possible same day use but, we do not include the set up day as part of the hire period, as this solely depends on your boiler and it’s efficiency to hold temperature for a 2 hour fill. All hot tubs can take around 20+ hours to fully heat up. You are more than welcome to use the hot tub the same evening, we just can’t guarantee the water temperature.

What if I have a problem with the hot tub?

If there is any issue with the operation of the hot tub or any hire equipment, please get in touch with us as soon as possible (07977 505766) and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We are also available for advice 24/7 on when the hot tub is on hire. If the problem cannot be resolved and you are unable to use the tub at all, then we will offer you a future hire date for free (restrictions apply to certain dates and delivery costs excluded).

Hot Tub Error Codes/Air lock

If you get a error code such as E3/E5/E6 on the pump display this is usually a high temperature problem due to a air lock in the filter pump housing. This only occurs when the hot tub has had lots of use and the water has been very active and air has been sucked in by the pump and now the water cannot be circulated. To solve this problem please read the printed instructions provided titled “Removing Hot Tub Air Lock” or follow these simple instructions. Turn off/unplug the hot tub then unscrew the small bottle top size plastic valve on top of the round grey filter housing on the pump, just a couple of turns until the air is out and the water is gently flowing over the pump. Let the water run for a few seconds then tighten the valve back up, just hand tight is fine. Then turn on/plug in the hot tub and then press the heat button on the hot tub pump. We recommend the pump to be bleed of air each evening after use to ensure the hot tub is hot and ready for use the next day. If the error code is still active after this process then repeat by unplugging the pump once more and unscew the valve again to let water out but, now leave the water run out for 5 minutes, then tighten and leave the pump off/unplugged for another 30 minutes, then plug back in and press heat. The red light needs to be on to show the water is being heated.

The hot tub water is too hot

If the water temperature is to hot adjust the temperature on the pump and remove the cover and turn on the jets, this will cool down the spa. If you feel it’s still not comfortable then you can add a little cold water from a garden hose or even a bowl of cold water from the kitchen. Remember it’s much easier to cool the spa than it is to heat so be mindful not to add to much cold water, you may also need to slightly drain the spa to allow for the extra water.

The hot tub water is cold

If the next day you notice the water to be cool or cold check for an error code on the display of the pump and follow the above Hot Tub Error Codes/Air lock procedure. The hot tub heater will only increase in heat by just over 1 degree per hour. If able you could add some warm water to the hot tub to help reduce the time needed to heat.

How long does it normally take to fill the hot tubs with water?
It usually takes approximately 2 hours depending on the water supply pressure and again about 2 hours to drain.

How long will it take to heat the water?
With this you have 2 options.

Option 1, Fill the tub with cold water from a hose and use the tub to fully heat the water, which will take up 24 hours to get the temperature to the desired 38 degree level. This depends on the outside air temperature.

Option 2, If you have a combo boiler or a full hot water tank you can use our tap adapter with the hose and connect to the warm water tap in the kitchen which will cut the time down considerably and should be ready to use the same day, depending on boiler strength. Never fill the hot tub with boiling water only warm.

Can you use the hot tubs if pregnant?
Not recommended, you should seek full medical advice from your doctor.

Do I need to add any further chemicals to the hot tub?
We will add chemicals to the tub upon set up. Then we leave a floating chemical dispenser in the hot tub to slowly add more chemicals over the weekend hire. Longer hire periods will be supplied with chemicals and instructions on use.

Can hot tubs be hired during winter months?
Yes, we only use 4 season hot tubs and we hire out our spas all year round and they are just as popular in the colder winter months and in most cases it’s the best time to hire.

Can I change the temperature of the water?
Yes, each of the hot tubs has a control unit to dictate the temperature of the water. These hot tubs if you wish can reach up to 40 degrees in heat or if in very warm conditions can be used as a cool spa.

If I do not have outdoor access to my back garden, could the tubs be transferred through my house?

Yes, the tub arrives in sections which will easily fit through a normal front door or side access. We will assemble the tub in the desired location.

I have a water meter fitted, how much would it cost to fill

Our hot tubs have a maximum capacity of one cubic metre (1,000 litres / 220 gallons) and, like a bath, it won’t need to be filled to the brim. Welsh Water charge around £1.35 per cubic metre of water so it will cost about £2 to fill the hot tub.

I have a electric meter, how much would it cost to run

Electric meters can charge up to 30% more per unit than a standard tariff price, even in the coldest months of the year we would recommend to be safe that you allow £20 for the rental period over a 3/4 day weekend hire. We would also highly recommend filling the hot tub with warm water from the kitchen sink tap, this will make a big difference in running costs even if you are on a meter or not. Normally it is around £2 a day to run the hot tub.