First contact us via email, Facebook or mobile to check availability, always try and book in advance. Then we would just need a deposit (or full payment) to secure the booking, only when we have taken a deposit is the hot tub booking confirmed. Before the deposit is taken we would like you to read our terms and conditions page on the website.

(Please note, the full payment of hire will need to be paid for before we leave the property)

When the deposit is taken we will then ask for all your details and will then message you close to the hire date to let you know roughly what time to expect us. Our hot tubs measure 2 meters in diameter and our gazebos measure 3.1×3.6 meters in diameter 12x10ft or we may have a smaller 8x8ft gazebo available. The hot tub requires water from either inside or outside the property (we can in most cases use a sink tap adapter from the kitchen or bathroom) level ground and a standard 13 amp power supply socket from inside or outside the property.

The hot tub is to be kept on 24/7 while on hire. On arrival we need someone to be present to gain access to the property and to let us know where they would like the hot tub and gazebo to be placed. No special access is needed as the tub is built up of small sections of high density 5″ foam and can easily fit through a front door or side gates of the property.

The installation time for the hot tub and the gazebo and any other accessories is around 2 hours. The hot tub itself takes around 2 hours to fill to the required height so, someone will need to be present just to switch the water supply off. A confirmation form for the hire will need to be signed before leaving the property.

Weekend Hire

Weekend hire periods are for 3 nights use unless agreed otherwise, on the agreed installation day we set up between 9am and 7pm to make sure the hot tub is ready for the next day. The customer is not paying for the installation day period. For this reason we come a day before to set up but this day is not included for use in the hire, we arrive the day before to set up and times depend on existing bookings.

Midweek Hire

For midweek hire we can set up on a Monday and  collect on Thursday or Tuesday till Friday or Sunday till Wednesday. Set up days are not part of the hire period.

All hot tubs require 20+ hours to fully heat up when filled with cold water but, we can fill the tub direct from the kitchen sink hot water tap with our adapters and then the hot tub should be ready to use the same day. We can’t guarantee the hot tub will be at full temperature for same day use purely as it all depends on your boiler and it’s efficiency to hold a constant warm/hot temperature for a 2 hour fill.

On collection we will let you know what time we will be at the property, you do not need to be present as long as we have access and any hired equipment is turned off, unplugged and left outside and ready to be taken. You may call or message us at anytime during the hire period for advise or information. If you would like some extra days then contact us and we will arrange a different pick up day if available for a small extra daily charge.

Chemicals will be added to the water and any advice will be given on the operation of the hot tub before we leave the property.

Please note all installation set up days are not part of the hire period

We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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  1. Hello

    Do you have availability for a weekend hire covering the weekend of September 15th for Alltwen near Pontardawe?

    Many Thanks

    Sarah Jones

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